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The Perfect Marketing Research: How to Find Out What Your Customers Want

Marketing consumer research

Marketing consumer research is critical to the success of any business. Marketing insights allow you to better understand your customers’ needs and develop products that meet those needs. However, many startups believe they can skip this step or that it does not require much thought. That is a mistake because marketing consumer research entails many steps, which are critical to your success. We’ve written this blog post to teach you how to conduct marketing consumer research on your own from beginning to end!

What does marketing consumer research require?

The process of gathering information about consumers’ attitudes, opinions, and purchasing habits is known as marketing consumer research. It is used to assist businesses in improving their products and services to better meet the needs of their customers. To conduct or contribute to consumer research, you must answer a series of questions about your customers to understand their demographics, behavioral patterns, and purchasing habits. You should also have a general knowledge of how customers interact with your company and their wants and challenges.

Aside from questions such as:

You should also request feedback from your customers on your brand and products. Keep in mind how you can embed behaviors and insights into your customers’ purchasing habits.

Before you begin — and keep in mind that you should conduct several surveys before running your own consumer research — you’ll need to:

Setting up a survey may appear to be a simple task. This is, after all, the first step in conducting consumer research. However, there are several points to keep in mind: Asking specific questions about your customers and their concerns is essential for a successful survey. 

It can assist you in the following ways:

To ensure accuracy and completeness, surveys must be hand-delivered by the survey taker. Survey template providers, such as SurveyMonkey, offer simple templates that enable you to conduct surveys quickly and efficiently (read more about the value survey templates provide here).

To ensure that the survey is full of good data, survey takers should approach each customer at the point of purchase (i.e., before they even know whether they want to buy a specific product or service from you). Make a copy of your survey’s tabulation sheet, which includes detailed information about each survey respondent, such as:

It can be challenging to understand your customers’ problems and needs. Research assists you in removing these impediments so that you can better serve your customers.

Why should you conduct marketing consumer research?

Knowing what your target audience wants is essential for any successful marketing campaign. To create a marketing campaign that will resonate with your target audience, you must first understand what they really want and how they want to receive it. Research can help you learn what they value, what they like and dislike, and how they prefer to consume content.

consumer research

Before you can conduct consumer research, you must first understand your industry. Industry-specific questions can assist you in determining what information your potential customers want to learn more about their own positions. These questions can assist you in answering a variety of questions, including:

You may want to ask your workforce or customer service the following questions:

To clarify critical details about any subject, conduct research to see what other companies in your industry offer similar or complementary products or services. Being aware of the market can assist you in filling any knowledge gaps you may have.

Determine what your company believes differentiates you from the competition to determine how you can align your product or service to your company’s goals or vision. This will assist you in more clearly defining the distinct value proposition that distinguishes you from your competitors. If something is missing from this list, double-check to see if there are similar companies in your industry with whom you could compete.

Finally, whatever information you gather before beginning research can assist you in determining how to best position your product or service in the marketplace. One strategy for thinking about positioning is to list the benefits and drawbacks of every possible position in your company. After that, you’ll be able to see how your position compares to the rest of the competition.

Because positioning research is critical to understanding your customers’ wants, you must consider how to frame your findings strategically before sharing them. You can use your results to inform who you communicate with, who you collaborate with, and what you base your product or service on.

Marketing consumer research is divided into three stages.

The marketing research process is divided into three stages: the idea generation stage, the idea screening stage, and the idea evaluation stage.

Marketing consumer research

Let’s go over each stage with some examples.

We’re aiming here to make our products or services helpful, appealing, and relevant to the needs of our potential customers. Before we even consider creating a list of product features or describing our potential benefits, we must first understand our customers’ specific problems: what problem they are attempting to solve, how the product assists them, and how their use case differs from that of people who are not interested in our products.” A validated hypotheses stage gathers information from customers by asking them questions to uncover the true motivations behind their behavior or decision-making process. This process aids in the development and validation of your idea’s core concept. By asking real-world questions, the validated hypothesis stage seeks to formulate and test the essential theory. A validated hypothesis is an idea that provides us with the best understanding of the required experience after a specific series of hypothesis-testing steps.

Before we can even consider conducting market research, we must first determine whether our products or services are actually relevant or necessary to solve our customers’ problems or benefit our customers in the long run. This information can then be cross-referenced with other pieces of research, such as customer reviews or peer reviews.

What recent research on our potential target market has been discovered?” this stage focuses on reviewing existing evidence regarding customer problems and the effectiveness of current marketing. We’ll use the data to paint a clear picture of where we are in the market and what we owe our potential customers after gathering and reviewing relevant research.

How to Conduct Online Market Research

Conducting market research online is simple if you have the right tools. Use Google Analytics to discover what your target audience is interested in and what content they find helpful. In addition, you can use this tool to understand your target audience searching for and looking for online.

You can read about buyers’ “what they want” and “what they need” on the web using specialized search engines like quartz and Ahrefs. Google Delivery also provides a tool for consumers to search for and find the information they require, and search engines such as Looker promise to provide insights into your specific market. Some online tools, such as Google Segment, allow you to collect information directly from your customers. To integrate your personal data into your Google marketing campaigns now from your website, you’ll need to sign up for a Gmail or Google account.

target audience

Visit your website regularly to respond to questions from your audience about what they believe your company does and why they believe it is essential. Your website is an excellent place to ask these types of questions, but don’t stop there! What comes next? Creating a solid website is only the first step in marketing. You can change the look of your website and add new copies by using the Canva and Canva Customise tools.

This is where you use your website as a media or promotional tool to distribute your media to your target audience. As your primary source of brand awareness, we recommend that you use Facebook or Instagram. But why should we stop there? Using your website as a tool allows you to send more valuable information directly to your target audience. You can, for example,

For most businesses, this is a less expensive alternative to advertising. Instead of investing in a few large-scale ad campaigns, you can start small and devote some funds to your website’s marketing strategy.

Post content from popular social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook to your website. You can collect data and engage your audience in meaningful ways.


Marketing consumer research is critical to the development of successful products and services. You’ll never know what your customers want or need if you don’t have it, making it impossible to build a business that meets their needs!

Marketing consumer research is critical to the development of successful products and services. You’ll never know what your customers want or need if you don’t have it, making it impossible to build a business that meets their needs!

Before you begin, decide whether you want to conduct a survey, which entails directly asking people about their opinions — or thoughts — on your brand. You should probably vet customer feedback before turning it into a paper or digital document. Depending on your company’s objectives, this could be critical to its success. We enjoy conducting surveys because the insights we gain from facilitating open dialogue often transform our perceptions of our industry and ourselves.

Conducting market research is another option. 

Understanding your customers’ true motives, needs, and behaviors is the goal of market research. This entails gathering data from various sources and analyzing it to determine how customers behave in multiple situations. Market research can reveal insights that can help you answer your initial consumer questionnaire questions when directed at customers in your industry or niche.

Unlike customer research, which asks people about themselves, market research aims to gather information from as many different people as possible about what people think about your product or service. Market research enables you to conduct a large number of targeted surveys of your existing customers. Depending on the size of your business, you can run a large number of surveys in a single day. It can also be time-consuming to carry out! Trello is a fantastic app for organizing survey research.

Surveys and market research can be conducted in the same manner: Simply complete this customer survey form.

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