Marketing Game Strategy

The $0 Marketing Game Strategy

The $0 Marketing Game Strategy is a marketing strategy that gives you practical guidance on how to get your game in front of the right audience, at the right time, with the best possible investment.



The world of online marketing is moving at a rapid pace, with companies constantly innovating and trying to figure out new ways to make the most of their resources. In this blog article, take a look at some of the latest trends in marketing and how they’ll affect your game strategy down the road!

A marketing budget of thousands of dollars produces thousands of games every year. What are your chances of beating that? How do you stand out if you have a $0 marketing budget?

The Online Buyer’s Journey

Online Buyer's Journey

Let’s discuss the buyer’s journey, which is often referred to as the marketing funnel.

Note this because your entire marketing game strategy may be skewed and centered on a single phase. For example, we may focus on raising awareness but neglect the purchase phase. You must balance your marketing and understand its context.

Your Game Strategy

But here’s the thing: When we say you should have a “unique” game, we usually mean it.

Many people mistakenly believe that this necessitates the creation of an Extremely New Game Idea.

It doesn’t have to be the most original game ever. We recommend that you create your marketing to appear unusual to the player.

“Being better” isn’t the most important factor here, either. Few people care about what’s better; instead, they want to know what’s new. In your strategies, don’t just compare yourself to other games.

Your game’s Hooks

A game’s “hook” is one of the most difficult to nail. In a match, this is the first sentence or pitch that will pique someone’s interest and entice them to learn more. Let’s focus on it because it seems to be the most difficult in your perfect game strategy.

What is a game?

A game is a challenging 2D action-adventure with a rich story and stunning art.

Look at your competitors’ hooks to see what they’re using.

  • Did your competitor’s game work? 
  • If their game didn’t, can you understand why?

If you’re having trouble thinking about something original, remove all of the words you’d typically use to describe your game and try again. (For example, do not use words like story-driven, puzzle, narrative, mystery, action, or Metroidvania.)

Does it still sound interesting enough for your game to play? 
  • Is it simple enough for non-gamers to grasp?
  • Can you excite or intrigue the customer before they play if they read it?

Because game developers and gamers surround us, it’s easy to think everyone gets your game. But not everyone! 

A successful marketer could feel like a customer.
  • What should you do when you’re ready to see if it’s a good hook or not?
  • Run A/B testing on social media!
  • Always pitch your game to people at events!
  • Inform your non-gaming friends and family!
  • Is it a name you can easily remember?

Game Hook Strategies

  • Emotional
  • Straightforward, mass attraction
  • Market analysis for game virality

In any case, your hook should refer to a core aspect of your game!

The Strategy of Game Store Page

People are always too lazy or busy to scroll through and read everything on your page. So if you want to make the best first impression possible, you should pay extra attention to:

  • Choosing your game name: It’s essential to choose a name that isn’t already taken by a game with more Google power. Name is extremely important. Ex: (It could be having the same name as a well-known book). Before you go, make sure you’ve done your homework.
  • First game screenshots. Most people lack the time and patience to watch your trailer. Place the most exciting and best screenshots first.
  • Your hook. Put this in the sidebar of your game’s short description.
  • Tags. The Steam algorithm loves relevant tags, so use them to ensure your game appears alongside similar games. Do not over-tag! So don’t spam your game with all of the titles.

The Strategy of Your Game Steam Capsule

So we need to consider how your game will appear to a casual onlooker. Your Steam capsule will come in handy here.

Remember that the game’s title, recent news, image selection, and other factors can affect your CTR. Keep an eye on the Steam backend, which details traffic sources. Remember to swap them out for major updates like DLC! We check in every few weeks because click-through rates can vary greatly.

What is Good/Bad CTR?

What constitutes a good CTR? How do we know when it’s time to improve it? Ask colleagues for market benchmarks, spy on competitors, ask account managers at places like Google for leads to understand where your CTR stands and whether you are above or below the benchmark, and always aim high.


Game Strategy

Now that you’ve established your overall impressions of the community, it’s critical to tailor your messaging to the specific demographic you’re targeting.

  1. Interests: A personal interest in the game or genre is necessary.
  2. Angle: Depending on the outlet or journalist, having an “angle” in your messaging will appeal to them. After all, a good tip increases the number of news article clicks. Your game’s plot may be based on a personal story. Maybe someone on the team has been through it. Maybe your game is 16 years old. It depends on your game’s personality and flair.
  3. Newsworthiness: A clickbait story’s newsworthiness is what you’d expect. First looks, new trailers, and release dates can pique people’s interest.
Even though there are numerous guides on how to craft an effective press release email, we’ll concentrate on two small but critical points:
  • They have the best email title. Using all caps and exclamation marks excessively may cause spam filters to detect it. After all, no one will read your email if no one opens it.
  • Personalization. Making it appear that you share their goals and aren’t just spamming people can help you build relationships. “You like [GAME] because [REASON],” for example.

Influencers marketing Game Strategy

Influencers marketing

Keep the goals of the users you’re reaching in mind.

  1. Entertainment: Streamers/content creators must be passionate about your game while also considering their audience. Because their audience is their livelihood, they may not cover your game. Your narrative game may interest a Fortnite streamer, but their audience may only be interested in Fortnite.
  2. Reactions: They’ll like your game if it has shareable moments! Consider horror games, challenging achievements, and personal tragedies. Influencers’ emotional responses can be recorded and shared with their audiences in the future.
  3. Experiences: Allowing the audience to interact with something other than the influencer (for example, chat can participate in the game or influence the outcome) will increase its appeal.

Here are some general guidelines to use in your game strategy when working with influencers:

  • Tune in to streams when available. Don’t have internet access right now? Later, thank them on Twitter!
  • Aim for mid-tier influencers with a game. No one knows who influences conversions and game purchases. That’s not what you want if their audience is only interested in the influencer’s personality.
  • Watch whom you give your keys to. Not only to avoid common scammers but also to assist those in need. Is their website content in line with yours? Do they mistreat you? It happens more than you think.
  • Be genuine in your kindness when working with others. Life isn’t a series of transactions; respect all influencers, big or small. (This goes beyond the influencer section.) It will pay off.

Social Media Game Strategy

Social Media Game Strategy

Make sure you don’t forget about the goals of your potential players.

  1. Entertainment: Yes, they must be interested in your game, but you must also frame it in a way that appeals to them. You won’t catch everyone, but you should have a good idea of what a player in your genre wants or needs.
  2. Experiences: Remember the power of storytelling! People who play your game want to share their favorite moments with their friends and family. Allowing them to share replays, connect with others and tell captivating stories of their victories.
  3. Value: You must prove your game is worth their time and money. Support your pitch with reviews (if you have them), amazing screenshots, and retweeting game-related tweets. Expose your users to things that will make them believe in your game.

Drawing People To Your Social Channels

Encouraging your target audience to follow you on social media is one of the first challenges anyone faces when using social media. Building a loyal following of fans who care about your work will take time. I repeat: NEVER EVER DO THIS AT ANY TIME IN YOUR LIFE. This is especially true given that no game has been announced at this point.

However, what strategies could you employ?

  • Events. These are expensive (again, $0 marketing is a lie), but local events are also good! Imagination! Get them to sign up for your newsletter using paper, an iPad, or anything else. You can reward their Twitter followers.
  • Promote your work with other studios. An indie game in your genre will likely have some crossover appeal. Retweet each other’s content, make a deal. In any case, be careful!
  • Spread it around. Make finding your social media accounts easy. You own a site. Trailers. Your Steam page. After every update. After your demonstrations. Wherever! Remember not to overwhelm them with links. There’s no need to overwhelm them or appear spammy by giving them more than four options.
  • Exclusives/lead magnets for your channels. Justify why people should follow you on Twitter, join your Discord server, sign up for your newsletter, etc. Is Twitter up to date on the news? Will the newsletter subscribers get free wallpaper access to devs for Discord users? It’s best if you can think of unusual reasons to follow you.
  • Keep in mind your audience. #gamedev and #screenshotsaturday are for developers. You can still use them, but don’t rely on them to get outside the developer community’s attention.

Conversion Rates optimization

Social media isn’t everything. Weak social media clicks and sales are notorious. I’m telling you this so you don’t become dependent on social media. It would help if you balanced your marketing efforts.

But it’s good for a lot — remember our modern buyer’s journey? Social can assist with all. Is this a trending topic? You’ve just realized. Are you retweeting articles with perfect scores? You’ve got them considering you, and you’re responding via Twitter? This will keep them informed about loyalty.

With social media not being the best at converting, what is a reasonable rate?

A conversion rate of 2–5% is considered good. You can narrow down which social media platforms work for you by tracking them carefully.

Determining What Works

I was always amazed by what people did to get people’s attention and inspired them to do the same. But I didn’t have time. And it’s a full-time job! So I experiment, fail, succeed, and see what works. Then I focus on a few things where I excel.

Steam calculated our social media conversion rates. Put effort into your social media channels and track the results to see what’s worth your time. The patterns will help you focus your strategies and manage your time better.

Based on our success rates, this is where you should focus if you had more time or focus on Reddit/Imgur. Who knows! Again, lack of time and a lot to do. 

Newsletter marketing for games

The newsletter is included because it falls under the consumer goals category. Mailchimp says this is the industry average for Game newsletters.

Remember that their data includes everyone from indie developers to AAA studios, with wildly varying budgets and resources. These figures are still helpful in evaluating the effectiveness of your newsletter campaigns and defining “success.” With more data, you’ll be able to see what unites your audience. Comparing our open and click rates to the industry average.

The strategy of Joy

Okay, one last piece of marketing advice. Indie music, in particular, has the advantage of bringing joy to the listener. These are the human moments that people remember fondly about us.

It’s fun, exciting, and cute to be able to insert little moments of joy. But! Don’t just copy what we’ve done. Every studio has its distinct personality, and it’s up to you to figure out what that personality is. These appear to be a little random, but there’s always a reason when it comes to tweeting ridiculous things.

  • Is this something you do regularly?
  • If so, please share them with us.
  • Do you engage in hysterical competition with your loved ones?
  • Weekly challenges are a part of your routine.
  • Do you have a team of developers who are always on the ball?
  • No, I don’t have the time for that.
  • Which of your Reddit posts has been the most popular?

It can be anything you want it to be. It’s your marketing strategy that costs you nothing.

You might as well enjoy yourself!

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