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How To Stop Ego Marketing And Start User Centric Designing

ego marketing

A good user experience starts with a customer-friendly interface — something that’s easy to navigate and change. This is called a user journey or product blueprint, and designers must clarify what the users should do next. Just as dangerous is the assumption that customers will follow your directions regardless of value.

Ego marketing isn’t a customer-driven approach but a self-driven one.

It’s the notion that you are in charge of the conversation and can dictate what the customer hears — whether or not you’re saying anything helpful. Ego Marketing focuses on telling your audience what you think they want to hear.

Using user-centric best practice designing, you remove the need for your customers to make any assumptions when interacting with your site or app. A genuine user experience is like going to a restaurant with a set menu

If you really want to succeed in digital marketing- You need to embrace these 3 fundamental elements:

  1. You never know everything
  2. The client is always right.
  3. You are here to serve.

Challenge yourself to make your audience feel good.

Does your ego have a brand?

The first step in avoiding the ego marketing trap is to stop talking and start listening. When crafting marketing campaigns, it’s too easy to focus on your own brand, product, or service — but that doesn’t help you build long-term relationships with customers. Instead of focusing on what you offer, focus on how your solution can help your audience. Instead of promising solutions, supply valuable insights and a meaningful connection to customer problems.

The relationship is about you and your client.

If you have ever been on a blind date with someone who only talked about himself, never letting you get a word, bragging up about their achievements, and generally trying to dazzle you with their awesomeness, you probably remember how annoyed, frustrated and bored he made you feel.

Tailwind for Instagram

Much as that blind date trying to “sell” by making it all about them rather than finding out what you want, nobody likes to feel like they’re being dictated or lectured, nor made them think that their product is being presented to is the right pick. If they can’t see it or wish to buy it, they’re not valued or not smart enough to appreciate the offer.

Marketing is one of the most important jobs in any company. It’s the marketer’s job to ensure that the consumers are always satisfied; otherwise, they’ll have no reason to keep coming back. Even if a company has millions of active users across the globe, it should never give the impression that it’s uncaring or unresponsive.

Your User Behavior is The Key To Your Dreams.

Marketing is a process of getting the user to complete their desired objectives. Never Fall in love with in love blindly with yourself or your product,

You need to fall in love with your targets.

Fact: The customer is always right

This is not a mantra for customer services providers only!

Understanding that you need to apply this methodology in your marketing campaigns is even more critical.


Because it’s your money, your profit, and your loss

Even if the user didn’t explicitly stated he is angry, you are the real loser if the user did not click where you wanted or didn’t follow your path.

History taught us:

  • Happy students gain higher grades.
  • Happy cows yield more milk.
  • Happy couples live longer.
  • Happy clients generate more revenue.

Simple as that

If your user feels in good hands, you can expect great things to happen.

Always think about building a solid and Sticky Relationship

Even if you are filthy rich from your previous business.

Especially if you are a “co-founder,” it’s important to understand: Marketing is science- you always need to follow the numbers and constantly optimize YOURSELF.

Embrace your party’s facts, but remember, you are the owner and the host, and it’s your job to make your clients happy.

The User Misunderstood You?

If the user Didn’t understand where to click to continue to the next step, Rest assured you are the absolute fool.

  • Designing an experience is 100% user-centric. Your personal belief and preference are meaningless.
  • Countless times designers, product managers, and especially executive-level say: “This user is simply an idiot, how come he didn’t get that he needs to:
  • Look at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Right above the enormous colorful banner and click to continue to the next level.

Want To Make Your Users Dance To Your Tune?

Study Them. The Secret of Marketing Breakthrough Begins With What You Don’t Know.

user experience

  • Build confidence by designing a personalized communication with them
  • Follow his moves and maintain an open mind to adapt and develop yourself and your product accordingly.
  • Provide support and education on your product, but remember to use his language.

Make Your Audience Feel Wanted, Make Them Feel at Home.

  • Each click is a step towards trust.
  • Never take your customer relationship for granted.
  • Pull out your notebooks, open your mind (and heart) and get into investigation mode.

It’s time to work.

The first step is to learn how to perform a market segmentation for a personalized experience.

Click Here To Learn How To Personalised User Experience With Marketing Segmentation

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