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marketing psychology

7 Mind Blowing Psychology Marketing Methods

To be successful, digital marketers must frequently be exceptional psychologists. Understanding what makes people tick and strategically placing psychological triggers in the right places can significantly increase conversion rates and improve marketing results. The following

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Social media for healthcare

Social Media is Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing

We analyzed the current state of social media engagement within healthcare organizations, and their readiness to adopt new technologies. Healthcare social marketing is an excellent way to promote healthcare services to people who are in need. Join the social media evolution in healthcare marketing

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Nursing home marketing

9 Tips For Nursing home marketing

Like any company, nursing homes need to pay attention to their brand’s reputation and strive to keep it consistent. What they might not realize is that reputation and brand aren’t just for marketing — they’re

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Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

8 Step Guide to Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

Every year, businesses recognize that clients demand marketing transformation. It’s a common scenario: customers believe that the digital era necessitates a complete rethinking of marketing strategy, organizational structure, and operational capabilities. However, while those promised

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Healthcare marketing

The Unique Challenges in Healthcare Marketing

With the increasing healthcare costs for today’s patient and medical equipment price tags, healthcare marketing professionals have to go beyond social media and billboards to effectively develop a strategy that works. Healthcare is changing rapidly, giving

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Marketing Strategy 2021

Marketing strategy 2021

Marketing Strategy in 2021 is all about being able to adapt. Whether it is for today or the next day, it is essential to look at your marketing strategy regularly. This will help you detect

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