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Elevate Your Digital Presence with Exceptional Acquisition Marketing Services.

Today, brands fight for the attention of over four billion active internet users worldwide, showing online consumers thousands of digital ads every day. The only way to stand out in this crowded space is to apply effective acquisition marketing techniques. Find out how My Method can help you achieve this feat. 

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Hi, I’m Maya Tarasiuk, founder of My Method. I’ve been in the online digital marketing industry for over 12 years now, with a Digital Marketing and Business Innovation Master’s Degree from IDC Herzliya. I currently work as a Performance Marketing Director.

While I studied all the aspects of digital marketing, I consider myself an inbound marketing expert. In the past 12 years, I helped businesses from varying industries and sizes develop long-term brand differentiation strategies. I focus all my campaigns on growing market share and building customer loyalty.

I have a proven track record for introducing customer-focused approaches to businesses that lead to impressive growth levels. In everything I do, I apply my go-to quote, “I do to achieve and dream to do.”

Below are the factors that make My Method unique. With every project we work on together, I guarantee to exceed all expectations in the following areas. 

  • Research-based marketing solutions: Provide clients with the necessary information required for growth.  
  • Improved customer value: As a performance marketing expert, I make sure to attract the ideal clients and retain them. 
  • Growth: The goal of our campaigns is to find effective methods to grow qualified users. 
  • Transparency: Transparent communications throughout any process.  

As an experienced online marketer, you’re well aware of the importance of having a website with quality content and a page on social media platforms to help build credibility in your business. My goal is to develop with clients a step-by-step solution that helps them meet their intended goals. With My Method, there’s never any guesswork.

Research-based marketing solutions:

With My Method, there’s never any guesswork. My team and I invested in the latest tools to provide clients with the necessary information required for growth. 

Improved customer value:

As a performance marketing expert, I make sure to attract the ideal clients and retain them as well. Ultimately, the goal of our campaigns is to boost brand loyalty. 

A dedicated team of specialists

Working with My Method will feel like having an extended marketing department. We guarantee transparent communications throughout any campaign.

What Is Acquisition Marketing?

Acquisition marketing targets specific buyer personas based on their customer journey stage. This marketing strategy aims to capture consumers who have knowledge of your brand and are more likely to buy your products or services. It’s a unique marketing branch because it involves the customer service team.

When your marketing and customer service departments join forces, you can drastically improve your lead generation and conversion rates. While it is a multi-department effort, below are some of My Method’s expertise.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): This strategy is one of the most crucial acquisition methods because it boosts traffic in the long run.

Social Media: Online users now spend an average of 136 minutes scrolling through and sharing content on social media sites, making it an essential acquisition component.

Paid Ads: One of the best advantages of paid ads in the acquisition process is that they deliver quick results. 

Boost Your Acquisition Efforts Now

If you want to acquire, engage, and retain new clients, turning them into adoring fans, you need an acquisition marketing professional on your side. You may reach us through (email) or (number) to begin your journey toward success.