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8 Online Marketing Tools Marketers Swear By

What marketing tools should you be using? How do they work? This blog shares the best online marketing tools that don't cost a lot of money.



This article will outline 8 online marketing tools that can help you grow, especially if you want to boost your social media with artificial intelligence content tools.

8 Online Marketing Tools You Can’t Afford to Live Without

To stay competitive, you need to market your business constantly, and you need the right tools to do so. Fortunately, new tools are available to help you focus on what matters most—your business.

1- BuzzSumo: Analyzing your competitors’ performances

Of course, when it comes to content creation, you’ll also want some tools at your disposal. BuzzSumo is a powerful marketing tool that helps marketers analyze their competitors’ performance quickly. In other words,

BuzzSumo can help you identify which articles and authors are most successful in terms of shares and traffic. So if they’re doing it well (and publishing on relevant sites), why shouldn’t you?

Simply type a keyword or topic into BuzzSumo’s search bar. Results show how many social media shares each piece of content has gotten, as well as other publications- Useful for finding similar topics to write about or even high-performing sites to guest post on.

You can then use these insights to create more effective content and make sure you’re getting your name out there. It can help you learn your target audience, it could pay off!

BuzzSumo’s pricing is fairly straightforward: the basic plan is $99 per month and includes an unlimited number of searches. For $199 per month, you get access to more advanced features like alerts that notify you when a competitor has published a new post on one of your target topics. Click here to try it now!

2- SimilarWeb: The Official Measure of the Digital World

SimilarWeb is one of those tools that, once you use it for any amount of time, you’ll find yourself using it more and more. It provides a lot of information in a clear way and shows things that many other sites don’t offer. 

For example, I recently used it to analyze my site and found out that nearly half of my traffic comes from Facebook! Now I know where to focus most of my attention when marketing my business. 

If you want an easy-to-use but powerful tool for measuring your site’s performance online, give SimilarWeb a try.

3- Firing Table: Social Media Management Tools 

Firing Table is your tool if you’re looking to expand your Instagram following. This social media management tool allows users to manage and schedule posts across multiple social media platforms from one central dashboard. It also offers advanced analytics to track your follower growth and see which of your posts performed best in terms of engagement.

Additionally, it has a built-in CRM system that keeps tabs on all of your contacts and provides information about each customer’s demographics. 

This tool also integrates with Buffer and Hootsuite so that you can schedule posts in advance.

Pricing: $19/month (paid annually) for two users, $29/month (paid annually) for five users, and $49/month (paid annually) for 10 users. Click here to try it out!

4-QuillBot: The Best Article Rewriter Tool

Nowadays, we all know that content is king. More and more people are scrambling for content to drive traffic and increase exposure on their websites. 

There’s a high demand for quality content, but creating good, relevant, and unique articles can be time-consuming. This is where QuillBot comes in! What if you could make countless fresh articles daily without spending countless hours writing them? All you need is a computer connected to the internet, and you can start writing new content right away! How does it work? – It’s easy as 1-2-3. Just enter your primary keyword and let QuillBot do its magic.

QuillBot is an affordable content rewriting service with a low monthly subscription fee. The main plan, which includes 300 daily spins and unlimited articles per month, costs $21

Other plans are available, including a student plan that gives you 50 free spins and unlimited articles per month for just $12 a month. Free trial options are also available to test it out before committing to anything.

To start using QuillBot, you’ll need to create an account. You can sign up here. When you sign up, you can get a free trial of QuillBot. This means that you will be able to use all of QuillBot’s premium features until your account expires. All of your progress will be saved if you decide to upgrade to a paid plan later! Start Now!

5- storychief.io: A modern approach to content creation

StoryChief empowers content marketing teams to create unique content. With our award-winning AI technology, you’ll be able to automate mundane tasks and deliver consistently better results.

Whether you’re a marketing agency or an in-house marketer, StoryChief will make your life easier by removing all of those repetitive tasks from your plate. This is what my team relies on every day.

We have been using it for over a year now, and we are still impressed with how much time it saves us! It helps us focus on higher-value activities such as strategy, writing, and outreach.

I would highly recommend StoryChief to any company looking to improve its content production capabilities. The platform has saved me countless hours, allowing me to spend more time on strategic thinking and less time organizing information into coherent posts. Click here to try it now!

6- JungleScout: Launch and scale your e-commerce venture.

JungleScout is one of the few AI-powered tools for finding profitable online products. This tool is useful for both retailers and sellers looking for new product ideas. Your search results will be filtered by product type, keyword, and price. After selecting your filters, JungleScout will present you with a comprehensive list of possible products. With JungleScout’s comparison chart, you can compare multiple products side by side.

You can also use JungleScout to check out how much competition an item has on Amazon before you start selling it yourself.

7- Crowdfire- A Marketing Tool That Simplifies Social Media Management

How much time do you spend on social media every day? What if there was an app that saved you time and effort managing your social accounts and scheduling content? Today, we’re going to talk about an app called Crowdfire that does just that- it allows you to save time and manage your social media accounts more effectively, all in one place!

Crowdfire is designed to be an all-in-one marketing and scheduling tool for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. With Crowdfire, you can schedule your posts in advance with just one click. You will not have to sit at your computer to manage your content anymore. Schedule up to 100 posts at once on all of your profiles! This way, you’ll always stay active on social media while not taking time away from more important things!

Before you purchase Crowdfire, you can take advantage of their 7-day free trial by registering on their website. Although there are more features and added benefits to using Crowdfire with a paid subscription, there is value in checking out what features are available with their free account. There is also no commitment to using Crowdfire’s free services. With access to scheduling, analytics, and content discovery capabilities, you will have everything you need to manage your accounts effectively. If you decide to upgrade, pricing starts at $9/month for one social profile. It’s definitely worth it!

If you’re looking for ways to streamline your social marketing efforts, Crowdfire is an ideal solution.

With features like automated posting and scheduling of photos and posts, RSS feed integration, along an easy-to-use design, you can utilize Crowdfire to manage all your activities in one place.

A social media management tool like Crowdfire allows businesses to reach their target market more effectively by providing convenience by automating all tasks. Try Crowdfire today!

8- Loom: Better communication with a click.

Try out a virtual meeting to streamline your team’s communication. Share screens, collaborate in real-time and create custom animations so you can express your ideas better than ever before. Loom lets you start a virtual meeting with other teams in seconds. Video is an especially helpful tool for remote teams or teams working across different locations or time zones, as it helps bridge those physical gaps, keeping everyone on the same page regardless of physical distance or time of day. 

The starter plan for Loom retails at $0 per month and comes with three workspaces, 20 campaign monitors, 50 team members, and 10 MB of storage. At $29 per month, you get five workspaces, 200 campaign monitors, 500 team members, and 25 MB of storage. The Pro plan costs $49 per month and includes unlimited workspaces, 1,000 campaign monitors, 1,000 team members, and 100 MB of storage. It also comes with priority support. Check out Loom Today!

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