10 Powerful Marketing Emotional Triggers

Consider how you feel when you hear marketing messages and how those emotions influence your purchasing decisions. All consumers, like you, are pushed to action by an emotional response to marketing messaging. Your copywriting should do two things: make customers feel something and then have them act on that feeling.



Use these indications in your marketing effort to entice potential clients to take action.

It is critical to appeal to consumers’ emotions when developing marketing communications.

Consider how you feel when you hear marketing messages and how those sentiments influence your purchasing decisions. All consumers, like you, are pushed to action by an emotional response to marketing messaging. Your copywriting should do two things: make customers feel something and then have them act on that feeling.

Once you’ve determined who your marketing messages are aimed at, you’ll need to examine which emotional triggers you may associate with those messages. You might incorporate the following ten fundamental emotional triggers into your marketing communications to increase sales.

1. Fear in Marketing

Fear is a powerful emotion employed in various marketing messages. Insurance companies frequently use fear-based messaging, such as “Don’t get caught with too little insurance.”

2. Guilt in Marketing

Consumers are easily influenced by communications that elicit feelings of guilt. Nonprofit organizations effectively exploit the guilt trigger in copy such as “Don’t let them suffer any longer.”

3. Trust in Marketing

Trust is one of the trendiest marketing trends, and it appears that every company is attempting to ride on the trust bandwagon in their marketing campaigns. Financial institutions are leading the way with promises such as “no hidden costs.”

4. Value in Marketing

Another trend in marketing values and many promotions directly appeal to the emotional trigger of receiving a good deal. For example, promotional phrases such as “If you find a lower price for the same product, we’ll match it” are excellent at eliciting thoughts of value.

5. A sense of belonging: 

Few people desire to be alone. Human nature mandates that most people want to feel like they belong to a group, and customers frequently buy things to feel like they belong to a specific group. Many businesses use copy like “You’re part of the family” to appeal to consumers’ desire to belong effectively.

6. Competition in Marketing

There’s a reason why the old saying “keeping up with the Joneses” is an adage. A competitive urge to feel equal to or better than their peers affects many consumers. “Make them drool” copy is a beautiful example of a statement that evokes sentiments of rivalry.

7. Instant gratification: 

Today’s consumers want instant gratification in all aspects of their lives. Messages that evoke a sense of urgency are well received by consumers who already seek rapid gratification. Use words like immediately, today, in one hour or less, within 24 hours, and so on to appeal to the emotional trigger of quick gratification.

8. Marketing Leadership

Many consumers want to be the first to try new items, and this demographic responds intensely to marketing messages that appeal to their emotions about leadership. Messages that make them feel first or in control are effective with this group. “Be the first on your block,” for example, effectively appeals to the emotional trigger of leadership.

9. Trendsetting in Marketing

Because many consumers desire to feel trendy, copywriting that appeals to those feelings is relatively standard. Variations on “all the cool kids are doing it” are frequent in copywriting and can be used to advertise a broad scope of products and services to a larger audience. The well-known Gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan and the text “Be like Mike” are prime examples.

10. Time

 People are busier than ever in the twenty-first century. As a result, people desire more time to pursue personal interests, spend time with family and friends, etc. Marketing phrases that appeal to the need for more free time, such as “Cut the time it carries to vacuum your home in half,” are persuasive.


Emotions are powerful, and copywriting provides a unique opportunity to tap into that power and use it to benefit your business. People are bombarded with marketing messages daily, so give them a cause to digest yours by making them feel something when they see or hear it. There are numerous emotional triggers that you may utilize in your marketing communications to elicit feelings in your target audience and to urge them to act.

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